Sex Toys You Can Control By Smartphone

18 Sex Toys You Can Control With Your Smartphone

Our phones are loaded with apps that let us do just about anything. We can track when we’re ovulating, turn our photos into works of art, and entertain ourselves with half a dozen games. And here’s something even more exciting we can do with our smartphones: control our sex toys! Yes, certain sex toys come with apps that allow us to kick those toys into pleasure overdrive — we’re talking special vibration patterns, created from the rhythms of your partner’s voice or the beat of your favorite song — with the tap of a button.

Here’s something else: We can also pass control of these sex toys to our partner anywhere in the world (see, they can control what’s happening with our sex toys using companion apps). Talk about taking sexting up a notch the next time one of you is on a business trip.


Ready to pick up a few of these high-tech sex toys for your collection? Or even start a collection with one? Check out our super sexy round-up, and get busy with one of these cool gadgets.

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