6 Not Basic Reasons to Get Pumped for Fall

Domoyega / Getty Images

Domoyega / Getty Images

Few things get me as excited as fall does. Maybe it’s finally saying goodbye to boob sweat after suffering through humid summer days. Or maybe it’s because there are more acceptable reasons to stay inside and be homey like baking bread or watching all the Harry Potter movies in order over the course of a single weekend. I’m just saying.

But if you’re one of those who feel on the fence because you hate pumpkin spice and you don’t like infinity scarves or fur-lined boots, then fear not. We have six other legit reasons to rejoice.


You Don’t Have to Suck In Anymore

Wave goodbye to “beach body” season and hello to “mom bod” season in which it literally doesn’t matter what size you are because you’re going to be wearing layers anyway. Possibly my favorite part of fall is that dark colors and thick fabrics like wool and flannel are not only necessary to keep warm but strategically helpful in making all your extra curves look totally hot as hell.

Also, Say Goodbye to Shaving

I mean, please tell me that I am not the only one who does this, right? As soon as we crack that seal on turning on the heat, my razor pretty much goes into hiding until spring. Why spend all that time in the shower trying to be smooth when no one is going to see it anyway?

You Get to Fall Back…To Sleep for An Extra Hour

Although annoying in the spring when we lose an hour, in the fall we get that hour back, which means your palace of pillows that keep you toasty and cozy can hold onto you for an hour longer in the morning.

Speaking of Blankets, You Wear Them Now

For real, it’s sweater season! Rejoice! Pull on that extra comfy, baggy, amazing wool goodness and I swear it will feel like your blankets are with you all day. There is something just unbelievably wonderful about wearing sweaters that feels a lot like being hugged. Sweaty tee shirts from summer don’t hug quite as nice as merino wool does on a chilly day does.

The Three Best Seasons Are Finally Here

Yeah, that’s right, spooky season, eating season, and gift buying season are finally here. So, get out those festive gourdes for the table and the witchy wreaths for the door, start whistling Frank Sinatra songs, and pin all the gravy recipes because the trifecta of awesome holiday seasons is exactly the mood booster we all need.

If You Hate Pumpkin Spice That’s Cool

Because you can still choose between apple cider or peppermint. The reigning king of flavors for autumn is not everyone’s favorite but don’t let that stop you from inhaling all the apple cider donuts, hot chocolate, and Halloween candy.

Fall is a magical time of year worth getting pumped for. Happy Hallothanksmaskuh, everyone.

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