Married? 31 Little Actions That Say ‘I Love You’ (& Are Easy to Do)

This time of year I feel extra pressure to show my husband how much I love him. All around us people are going on dates to fancy restaurants and taking romantic weekend getaways. Yes, we’re married and I know I should make sure he knows how much I love him (and, uh, vice versa), but to be honest, I don’t always have time for the big stuff, especially since most of it involves planning in advance and arranging a babysitter.

And it’s not just the logistics. Honestly, most of the time I feel like my energy has been totally zapped and I don’t have the brain power to come up with even simple (but creative) romantic gestures, or the energy to pull them off. But all that is about to change! After doing a little research, I’ve come up with a killer list of little ways to make your partner feel loved. Believe me, if you manage to try even a few of the suggestions on this list, you are going to have one happy husband!

Oh, and dear husband? I am totally open to you making me feel loved with any of the ideas on this list!

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