10 Real Husbands Reveal What They Want in Bed

Ever ask your husband what he, er wants in bed? How’d that work out for you? Was he honest with his wish list, or did he tell you that you’re already doing everything perfect? (Well played, sir.) Face it: Sometimes it’s hard for your man to vocalize what he really needs from you in bed, because he’s scared to insult you. To the rescue: I asked 10 real-life married men from across the country what they wish their wives did more of in the sack. Read and learn:

1. Think your husband just wants peace and quiet? Think again. “I want her to talk dirty to me without having to initiate.” —Christopher, 28, FL


2. Not that you should be surprised but guys LOVE oral sex. “I want a blow job everyday, not just on my birthday or as a treat.” —Luke, 27, NJ

3. Ladies, be assertive and take control. Remember, when you run the show you are more likely to get off, because you know what works for you. “I don’t want to do all the work after a long day at the office. Hop on and ride me and I promise to get you back tomorrow.” —Timothy, 35, NY

4. Location, location, location! Remember when you were younger and you did it in the car, on the beach, in the shower, and on the kitchen floor of your new shared apartment? Bring that kind of magic back! “I want to have sex anywhere but the bedroom. Anything to switch up our routine is a good idea.” —Jackson, 38, OH

5. Sandwiches and sex are the way to a man’s heart, said every guy, ever. “I want a post-sex snack, like a roast beef sandwich or pizza. I want you to bring it to the bedroom without me asking.” —Shawn, 29, CA

6. This one is a little tricky, girls, but if you can stomach another woman in the bedroom and curb your jealousy, your guy would not be opposed to a threesome. But don’t worry, he wants you to have fun, too! “I want a threesome with no drama. I love my wife and I don’t want to cheat on her. I just want to enjoy another woman with her. And I want to watch them together. It would be like love porn.” —Keith, 31, WA

7. Think you’re the only one that doesn’t feel like doing it? Think again. Guys need a little TLC, too. “I want to have a “headache” or be “too bloated” to do it one night—like you are sometimes, only it’s not because I’m not attracted to you or that I’m getting it somewhere else. I’m just tired and want to chill.” —Anthony, 40, CO

8. Even though you’re about to get naked, it matters what you show up in. “I want you to wear lingerie, or knee socks, or crotchless panties. Stop showing up to be in baggy pajamas and entice me like you did when we were younger.” —Carl, 38, OH

9. I don’t think any woman would complain about this one! Not only can you get yourself going, but you can give your guy a road map to what makes you tick, tock! “I want you to touch yourself in front of me. It’s not like I need an owner’s manual—it’s just such a turn on.” —Dave, 30, NJ 

10. Instead of falling asleep, or plain ole cuddling after the main event show him you care with this move: “I want a massage after sex. Straddle my back and give me a rub down until I fall asleep. Thanks baby!” —Tom, 36, NYC

 Photo: Getty