Juicy Secrets Real Wives Keep from Their Husbands

Keeping secrets from your husband or boyfriend can be risky — but according to these real-life wives, keeping things to themselves makes them feel good, doesn’t hurt anyone, and has brought them closer to their husbands. I was shocked by what they revealed …are you?

“I watch porn and masturbate when my husband is at work, four times a week,” says Coreen G., 34, of Indiana. “It’s my little secret and if I told him it’s not like he’d be mad, but he’d want in on the action and this is just for me!” She says sometimes she’ll warm herself up this way, then surprise her man with a “TGIF sex session” when he walks through the door after a long week. “My secret is actually bettering our sex life, because I’m hotter for him after spending time alone with my fantasies.” 

“I ran into an old boyfriend and had lunch with him,” says Joanne L., 29, of Washington State. “Just lunch. I didn’t tell my husband because all we did was have a sandwich, a few beers and catch up. I didn’t feel like dealing with 100 questions.” She says it was fun to catch up with her ex, share pics of their kids, and then go home to her husband and family. “I wasn’t doing anything wrong and we didn’t see each other again, so why throw fuel to the flame.” Her husband took her out to dinner to that night and the intimate meal and talk over candlelight made her realize how much she loves him, drawing a big line between lunch with a friend and date night with her man. 


“I have a blog that my husband thinks is just for ‘fun’ but I net about 600 bucks a month and I keep it for myself!” reveals Melanie N., 33, of New Jersey, explaining that she is a SAHM and her husband makes the money while she runs the house and her kids’ schedules. “I don’t like asking my husband for cash if I want a new bag or pair of designer jeans. I’m lucky he rarely notices my purchases anyway. For now keeping this little green secret makes me happy and my husband is unaware, so everything is cool.”

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