15 Things Our Husbands Do As Dads That Make Us Swoon

When I see young couples on their wedding day staring at each other and swearing they’ve never been more in love, I want to pull them aside and say, “Just you wait.”

There have been moments in my relationship with my husband where I have fallen in love with him all over again. All those butterflies come fluttering back, and I’m suddenly a twitterpated teenager with googly eyes and cartoon hearts floating above my head. The first time I was blindsided by love, Cody was in the basement playing bears with our three-year-old nephew, he smiled up the stairs at me and continued roaring and pawing his way around the basement like a little kid. Swoon! And just last week I woke up to him bathing our two little squealing girls in the tub. As he came out of the bathroom holding a freshly bathed, towel-wrapped toddler, I gave him a look that said “That right there is better than a cocktail, baby.”


It seems that what’s really swoon-worthy is when our partners do something totally out of character. When I asked my friends for photos that illustrated these moments, they all knew exactly what I was talking about!

These little moments of vulnerability are the ones I cherish most in my own relationship. May we all have the privilege of being knocked breathless in love every once in awhile by our lovers.

1. Dads Wearing Babies

Nothing gave me more pleasure than seeing my chubby little baby strapped to my big strong husband, and he knew it.

Guys, do you have any idea the POWER you hold when you wear a baby? (Not to mention it’s a spectacular way to bond with your bundle of joy.)

2.The No-Shame Doll Hand Hold

In my friend Mary’s own words: “Everyone was holding hands in the mall and my daughter’s baby doll felt lonely, so she told her daddy to hold the naked baby’s hand. This lasted about 3-4 minutes. And my husband didn’t think twice about it. Dads covered in tattoos holding baby doll hands? LET’S MAKE OUT.”

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