Ignore the Bad Rap: Why I Love Quickies

coupleinbed_sizedQuickies get a bad rap. They’re rushed. There’s no foreplay. Worst of all, no orgasms. On the woman’s part at least.

But here's the thing: With a few tricks you can both enjoy the big O, even if the sex only lasts for five minutes. In fact, if you’re not throwing a quickie into your sexual repertoire, you’re missing out.



I’ll be honest here. After a full day of work, chasing around my four-year-old, cooking dinner, bathing and feeding the kids, and everything else that’s on my ever growing to-do list, I just don’t have energy for a full out romantic lovemaking session. I’d probably start snoring in the middle of foreplay if it lasted more than five minutes.

After the stress of a busy day, both my husband and I could use some orgasm-induced endorphins to help us relax before visiting dreamland. Quickies are the most fun way to get there. Our brief, thrilling rump between the sheets allows us to reconnect through touch and intimacy.

Now quickies don’t have to be all about him. Sexperts recommend 15-20 minutes of foreplay to get us primed for an orgasm. Obviously that’s about 10 minutes longer than a quickie. To make quickies work for both of us, we employ a few tricks. I’ve been with my husband for over 17 years so by now he knows all of my hotspots. And I know his. These are our “shortcuts.” Add our favorite lube to the mix and we both get a happy ending.

Long, hot lovemaking sessions will always be my favorite. They’re worth the wait. Quickies just tide me over until then.

How do you feel about quickies?