There are plenty of epic 13th birthday party ideas out there, because let’s face it, 13 is a big milestone. When I turned 13, I remember thinking (and even saying to my friends), “I’m basically grown up! Like, I’m practically a full-on adult. For real.” Although the 13th year might not be as dramatic as I thought as a teen, it’s definitely a new stage of adolescence.

And, every big milestone deserves to be recognized with a celebration. Planning a birthday party for a teen can be tricky. They want to act mature, but they still have so much growing left to do, so the party should be sophisticated, but fun-filled and even a bit silly at times. I’ve rounded up the best 13th birthday party ideas for teens that are cool enough for the kids to brag about and fun enough to still appeal to their childlike side.

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Cool 13th Birthday Party Ideas Your Teen Will Love