Meet Latina Fashion Blogger Candy Cervantes

Candy Cervantes is a professional makeup stylist and Latina fashion blogger in Hollywood, California. She blogs at Curves Ahead, offering fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice to women of all sizes and backgrounds.


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is basics-based. Starting with the basics helps me look put-together. Jeans or dresses topped with cardigans are my best friends! 

What prompted you to start Curves Ahead?

I’m a creative person by nature. This blog is an outlet where I get to channel my passions for everything from home decorating to makeup and fashion, etc. 

What’s your favorite fall fashion item?


Meet Latina Fashion Blogger Candy Cervantes

You always look so put-together, and you’ve got a baby! What’s your #1 fashion tip for time-crunched moms?

Get lots of cardigans, all shapes, styles, and colors. Even if you’re just wearing simple jeans and a top, add a chiffon cardi and a necklace and the whole look transforms.

Meet Latina Fashion Blogger Candy CervantesWhat’s the biggest fashion mistake most moms make?

OMG, yoga pants!

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