Maternity Fashion Bloggers We Love

I have always envied pregnant women who can so effortlessly throw together runway-worthy outfits and exude style and confidence. I made a few attempts at styling my bump during my pregnancies, but I would have been lost without the inspiration and style of fashion bloggers. And I’m talking not just any fashion bloggers, but women who knew what I was going through and how to accentuate my pregnant belly without making my whole bod just look dumpy.  

Maternity fashion is not what it used to be. In fact, many pregnant women choose not to wear maternity clothes at all. Until those final days when you’re as big as a small planet, pregnancy can be an amazing time filled with jeggings and tight, ruched dresses and drape-y cardigans. But don’t worry. If styling your baby bump sounds like more of a challenge than a treat, I’ve found eleven maternity fashion bloggers who can show you how it’s done by mixing maternity and non-maternity clothing with gorgeous accessories to create the perfect looks.

More Maternity Style:

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