Meet Latina Fashion Blogger Janice “Jai” Correa

Janice “Jai” Correa started Mami’s Time Out after having her first child because, in her words, “every mom needs some me time!” Her blog, a budget-friendly fashion and beauty site was recently named among the “10 Best Beauty Blogs” by Latina Magazine.


How would you describe your personal style?

It depends on my mood. I look up to fashion icons like JLo, who is urban and glam, and I like to inject a little of both into my everyday wardrobe, even in business casual wear at work!


What’s your favorite Fall Fashion item?

Boots! All sorts of boots, ankle boots, riding boots, boots with heels, flats…I’m a shoe lover, can you tell?

What are your top fashion tips for time-crunched moms?

  1. Everyone should have a “go-to wardrobe.” It’s so easy to stay in yoga pants all day but you will feel more put together if you throw your favorite pair of jeans on with a fun tee and sneakers. I love Converses for their “Oh I’m cute but I wasn’t even trying”-factor.
  2. I would stock up on tees with prints on them in case you have a baby or toddler that loves to throw food. They hide those stains better.
  3. Lay out your clothes the night before if your mornings are hectic. I look more put together when I lay everything out the night before (including shoes and accessories) versus if I rush around in the morning trying to put it all together.


What’s the biggest fashion mistake most moms make?

After having kids, your body goes through some changes, and that’s OK. What worked for you before having your baby may not work now. Be open to new cuts and styles and embrace your new shape. Don’t make yourself try to fit into those pre-baby pants if your weight has shifted around. It’s a great excuse to buy new jeans!


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