5 Hottest Home Design Trends for 2015

Twice a year, Linda of Calling it Home challenges 20 designers to transform one space via the One Room Challenge. Every week, the designers documented and shared their process, sources, and professional advice. This spring, 20 beautiful new spaces came to life featuring the newest trends in home decor and design.

We’ve tapped Linda to share 5 of the hottest new home design trends to emerge this year. Check out some of the results and emerging trends from this spring’s One Room Challenge below!

1) Statement lighting is worth every penny!

 JillSorensonAfter_Mehreen Qudosi

Designer: Jill Sorenson, Photographer: Mehreen Qudosi

KimberlyWhitmanAfter_John Cain Sargent

Designer: Kimberly Whitman, Image: John Cain Sargent

“If we were going to spend our pennies anywhere when redecorating, it would be statement pendant lights. These brass, Moroccan-inspired globes in Jill Sorenson’s new kitchen are the cat’s meow. And Kimberly Schlegel Whitman’s giant antler chandelier truly makes the dining room…we’re so glad she kept it!”

2) Save the Rainforest

JanaBekAfter2_Sarah Dorio

Designer: Jana Bek, Image: Sarah Dorio

“Tropical greenery à la Dorothy Draper and the Greenbrier is having a real moment—as far as we’re concerned, the greener the better!”

3) Black and white bathrooms

Vanessa Francis After

Designer: Vanessa Francis, Image: Stephani Buchman


Designer and Image: Greige Design

“Black and white never goes out of style, which is why this color combo makes so much sense in an area as expensive to redo as a bathroom or even a laundry room. These rooms remind us so much of old farmhouse bathrooms, yet they’re fresh and modern at the same time.”

4) Bring on the neon

EnglishRoom_After_Mekenzie France

Designer: English Room After, Image: Mekenzie France 

SixthStreetAfter_Lindsey Orton Photography

Designer: Sixth Street After, Image: Lindsey Orton Photography

“There really is no such thing as too bright or “too much”. Color makes us happy! So why not indulge? And why you’re at it…mix up a bunch of patterns, stripes, florals and checks.”

5) Giant art as headboards


Designer and Image: Simple Details

“In so many bedrooms, that area above your bed really is so empty and lonely isn’t it? Art is the perfect answer. I love how Plexiglas makes it a whole lot safer to sleep under, too.”

To date, more than 500 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge. To be considered as a featured designer in an upcoming challenge, head to this page for more info!

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