51 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Decorating the nursery was one of the most exciting parts about expecting my second baby. I was able to relax a bit more with my second pregnancy having been through the first and knowing roughly what to expect.  This time around, more pressing questions came in the form of, “Do I need a new rocking chair?” or  “Do I have the energy to design an accent wall?” There were tons of options out there for decorating boys’ and girls’ rooms, but finding ideas that could go either way shockingly proved to be more of a challenge. I’ve seen it all—and pulled together the best.

From styles, accent pieces, to decor and colors, here are the most inspiring gender neutral baby nursery ideas out there. Consider this your oasis from pink and blue everything.

Check out the ideas in the slideshow.

More Nursery Decor Ideas:

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