Protect Your Surfaces: Best Tablecloth for Homes with Kids

tablecloth 02

I have a kid. I know how it is to try and have a tablecloth and a child. Kids are fun, but they are also messy! I got so sick of having my tablecloth getting dirty after a day of use. This polka dot tablecloth is so easy to just wipe off, no laundering required! It's made from oilcloth and really that's all there is to it. I bought ours here on Etsy; after it arrived in the mail, I just cut it to the length of my table and the rest is history. We eat, read, paint, color, and play at this table.

I wanted something to protect my table that I didn't have to wash every other day. This has been perfect for our needs. The oilcloth has a kind of laminate on it so it's easy to just wipe down and it's like new. But my favorite part is that I love the way it looks. The black polka dots on a white background are so fun and perfect in our home. As a blogger, it makes a great background for pictures. Just saying. 

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