Floral Accents for your Home

Floral accents in your home can brighten up a room in no time flat. Here is some pretty inspiration! 

  1. Beautiful antique floral duvet cover from Anthropologie 
  2. Lovely botanical prints seen in Country Living 
  3. An heirloom floral throw from Anthropologie
  4. Floral accent chair from Pottery Barn
  5. Textured  floral pillow from Pier 1
  6. Vintage English daher tin from ebay 

Floral decor can add a wonderful burst of color to any room. There are floral options in virtually every home decor item from prints, rugs, pillows, bedding, and furniture. Use in small doses to add a pretty feel to any room, or choose a statement piece like a piece of furniture or a wallpapered wall.

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