‘The Block’ Winners, Tess & Luke, Show You How To Revamp Your Home Using All Local Products

Online furniture brand, Koala (you know the ones with the wine glass on the mattress) is teaming up with 2019 The Block winners, Tess and Luke for Home: Made.

Home: Made is a video series with a twist. Tess and Luke have had a challenge thrown to the pair by Koala.

They’ve been tasked with revamping an old home while using all local products.

That means all the knick-knacks, homewares, and furnishings need to be created by local designers and brands.

As part of the video series, we’ll be getting a bunch of tips and tricks from the pair for renovating on a budget. We’ll get to see them transform otherwise dead rooms into dreamy, insta-worthy spaces over two episodes. Case in point:

Meanwhile, there’ll be plenty of inspo for local homewares and decor you can pick up and feel like you’ve done something nice. Love that.

What sort of tips can we expect? Tess tells us to “Try different textures and patterns to style your bed.” While for the living room, she says we should use, “lighter pieces to bring the overall tone of a room down.”

You can catch the episodes here, while Tess and some of the featured interior design brands have crafted a special Pinterest Board for us.

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