How to Display Kids’ Art

Easy ways to show off your kids’ mini-masterpieces – without taking over your home!

1.  Kids’ art frame from dynamicFRAMES

2.  Art wire from Design*Sponge

3.  DIY collage from Jen Grant Morris

4.  Magnetic primer from Rust-oleum

5.  Magnetic display system from Magnart

6.  Picture pockets from Aspace

7.    Storage from Schoolfolio

8.  Picture rail DIY from Martha Stewart

Of course you want to show off every last bit of your little one’s art, but it’s so easy for the daily tidal wave of masterpieces to overwhelm your space.  Luckily, there are so many creative solutions to help.  First, start by dedicating one spot for their pictures; this will give kids their own space to feel proud of, and will naturally limit the amount of pieces you can have up at once (so no feelings get hurt).  Save your walls by hanging up wire or making a corkboard picture rail to hang art from, or use a magnetic hanging system which adheres to walls with an adhesive strip (read: no nail holes!)  Clear hanging pockets are also a genius way to display multiple pieces at once.  Want to make more of a commitment to your budding Picasso?  Simply prime a wall with magnetic primer, and paint over it with the color of your choice for an instant magnetic surface.  If you prefer a more polished look, display them in frames specially made to store more than once piece at a time (for easy swap-outs), or scan the art onto your computer and create and print out your own collage to frame.  And when you’re done?  Store the best pieces in sturdy folios for safekeeping.

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