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Uber-Fun Games for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day here, we are sure you must have treated your mom with brunch, gifts, and so on to celebrate the day. We hope you have included some games for Mother’s Day to make the day more enjoyable and fun-filled for everyone. If not yet, then worry not because you can wrap up this Mother’s Day with games that can be enjoyed by all. Here are some super fun games for Mother’s Day that your beloved mom will love participating in and playing with the rest of the family.

1. DND mom

Give your mom a much-needed break by not questioning her every few minutes for food, snacks, misplaced items, etc. Get your dad and siblings on board and start with 30 points. Every time a member goes to mom to ask for something, they lose 5 points. The one with the maximum points at the end becomes the winner and is crowned by your mom, the star of the day.

2. Plan a cook-off

Plan a cook-off with your siblings or dad to see who knows your mom’s tastebuds better. Grab the ingredients, cook a few of her favorite dishes, from starters to desserts, and see who is declared the best chef. Make the meal time even more special by decorating the dining area with some of her favorite pictures, decor items, etc.

If you are competitive, you can have a cook-off for the entire day, from breakfast to dinner. You can even extend it to the next day to treat your mom to delectable meals the day after Mother’s Day as well because she deserves it. Moreover, you can also have a baking cook-off to impress your mom with her favorite desserts. Your mom will love this game because who doesn’t enjoy getting treated to their favorite dishes?

3. Treasure hunt

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Your mom must have planned many treasure hunts for your birthday and other holidays. It’s time to return the favor by planning a treasure hunt for your mom. Hide her presents in different corners of the house (indoor or outdoor). Then, draw a map or write clues for your mom to decipher.

Not only gifts, but you can also hide her favorite dress, purse, snacks, a flower bouquet, chocolates, etc. However, if you plan to hide her belongings, ensure they are packaged well so as not to ruin them during the game. You wouldn’t want to see your mom sad after seeing scratches on her favorite purse. Plan this game with your siblings or father to create a fun treasure hunt for your mom.

4. Guess the movie

If your mom is a movie buff, this game is apt for Mother’s Day. Write the names of the film’s main leads, tell the plot, and ask your mother to guess the movie’s name within a minute. Family members can take turns for this game.

If she guesses all the names correctly, she wins a grand prize (anything from chocolates to a beautiful family picture). You can even hum or sing the movie’s songs or tell famous dialogue to test your mom. Charades is also a great pick to help your mom guess the film title. This will be a fun game for Mother’s Day, which she will love to play.

5. Bingo

If you want to keep it simple and sweet, opt for bingo. Alternatively, you can go with any card or board game that your mom tends to enjoy. We are sure she would love this gesture. A cozy game that requires your entire family to sit together, your mom will surely appreciate that.

So, now that you have spent the entire day celebrating your superhero, it is time to wrap up Mother’s Day on a fun note with these games. And don’t forget to capture these precious moments with your mom. You can take pictures with your phone or bring out your disposable or polaroid camera to take some aesthetic photos of the family.

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