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Gifts You Should Never Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, you must be shortlisting your gift ideas. However, before you finalize the gift, here are a few presents you should never gift on Mother’s Day. Not because they come with a heavy price tag but because they do not reflect your love for your mom. Want to know which gifts wouldn’t be the best for her special day? Here are a few.

1. Exercise equipments

Refrain from gifting exercise equipment, especially weight loss equipment, to your mom on Mother’s Day unless she specifically asks for it. Giving a gym membership card, treadmill, etc., will only convey that you are unsatisfied with her physical appearance and want her to change. That is not the message you want going across to someone who put all their love and care into raising you.

Although taking care of your mom’s health is essential, Mother’s Day is not the right occasion to push her. You can buy all those things with her another day after explaining why she needs to look after her health. However, on Mother’s Day, give her something that shows you love her. Spa sessions, relaxing getaways, etc., will make for a good gift, and you can accompany her for a cute bonding time.

2. Self-help books

Again, it’s not a great gift idea for Mother’s Day. These books might also suggest that she needs to work on herself, which may undermine her sense of self-worth and create self-doubt. Instead, gift books that align with her passion, interest, or hobbies, like cookbooks, her favorite author’s book, gardening books, coffee table books, etc.

3. Cooking appliance

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Unless your mom loves to cook or has been eyeing a particular appliance for a long time, do not gift them cooking appliances like a toaster, grill, mixer, etc., on Mother’s Day. However, if you are keen on gifting items related to cooking, gift her a food hamper filled with artisanal treats and cookbooks, or take her out for a lavish meal in a restaurant that you have heard only good things about.

4. A card

Gifting your mom just a simple card on Mother’s Day does not show much of your love. It just implies you gave her something for the sake of gifting. This might hurt her feelings, and you don’t want to do that on her special day. So, if you’re going to keep things simple, write a letter, get a bouquet of her favorite flowers, maybe some chocolates, or a sweet gift along with the card, either handmade or store-bought. But don’t just hand her a simple card unless you are a child.

5. Cleaning supplies

Not every woman loves spending hours cleaning the house. So, no matter how tempting the offers and discounts are, do not gift your mom cleaning supplies or appliances on Mother’s Day. Moreover, it implies that for you, her role is only confined to cleaning and looking after the house. Hence, unless she asks them, avoid things like a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, etc.

If you still can’t figure out what to give your mom on Mother’s Day, take her somewhere nice and buy her things she wants. However, do not give the gifts mentioned above to your mom on Mother’s Day. It may ruin the day for her, or she might stew over it for years.

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