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11 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids of All Ages

We all know that the very best Mother’s Day activities often involve leaving Mom alone to enjoy some rare and much-coveted solitude. And hey, who doesn’t appreciate some quiet time? But realistically, kids aren’t likely to follow plans for peace and quiet. The best you can usually hope for are 15 uninterrupted minutes before one of them is inevitably calling her name. That is, of course, unless you can devise a genius way to distract them. That’s where Mother’s Day crafts for kids come in.

The best Mother’s Day crafts do double-duty of keeping kids out of Mom’s hair, while also resulting in a thoughtful, personalized Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish for years and years to come.

So this year, after you serve Mom breakfast in bed (which you should make sure includes a strong cup of coffee—otherwise, what’s the point?), give her the rest of the day off, and let her know that some homemade Mother’s Day gifts will await her at the end of her relaxing day. Then, whisk the kids somewhere they can get busy on their Mother’s Day crafts. Everybody wins.

Stumped about where to start? Refer to this list of easy Mother’s Day activities to help the kiddos create meaningful gifts for Mom, from homemade pot-holders to flowers that’ll never wilt. Keep reading to discover the best Mother’s Day crafts for toddlers and big kids.

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