Mother's Day gift ideas

14 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Swear

Mother’s Day is coming and if we can keep it real for a sec, we don’t all want flowers or brunch. Or maybe in addition to flowers and brunch, we want something a little extra. Something a little special and unique, that really reflects our personality. I don’t know about your favorite moms, but mine have one thing in common: we embrace the crazy and we aren’t afraid to do so with a swear word…or nine. Because sometimes life is a total sh*t show.

That’s right: moms who swear are still good mothers. We might drop f-bombs or declare, “Oh, sh*t!” at a stubbed toe or missed deadline. We might mouth off on the road when we get cut off in traffic or slip a few WTF’s into casual everyday conversation. But we’re still tending to boo-boo’s, signing permission slips, and carting the children all over creation with Baby Shark blasting through the mom-car speakers.

Just don’t judge us if we also like to express ourselves… colorfully. These are the best Mother’s Day gift ideas around for moms who care — and swear!

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