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How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Kids

As New Year’s Eve approaches, everyone is preparing to ring in 2024 with their family and friends. However, as a year draws to its close, there is one thing that parents tend to worry about constantly. How do we celebrate the upcoming year with little ones in tow? Moms with young children might still be looking for kid-friendly ways to welcome 2024 in a fun way. We have some great tips for parents to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their kids, making them a part of your celebration.

1. Have a beach BBQ

Do you live close to the coastline? Round up your family members, pack up some foldable chairs and the food you would like to barbeque, and head to your local beach. Spend quality time with the kids playing water sports, making sand castles, relishing food, and letting them run wild under the sun.

However, beaches tend to be crowded at this time of the year, leaving little space for kids to relax and have fun. In these cases, have a kid-friendly party in your backyard. You can make a little sand play area for kids or use pool tubs for them to splash around in. Keep the water warm and dry them off quickly once they are out because we don’t want the little ones catching a cold during the celebrations.

2. Watch fireworks on the big screen

Set up a projector in the yard and play the city fireworks. Enjoy the night with your friends and family without leaving the comfort of the house. Since the celebration will be at home, prepare a lavish feast you can devour with your loved ones to ring in the New Year. Also, keep some kid-friendly options on the menu for the children.

3. Go camping

If your kids love camping, plan a family camping trip on New Year’s Eve. They are fun, and the best part is that the kids have the time of their lives. You can see the fireworks at night with your loved ones and wake up to a fresh start to the year in a beautiful setting.

4. Have a PJ party

Your Christmas decorations might still be up, so make good use of them by throwing a PJ party. You can amp up your living room with more decorations like a disco ball, glow sticks, confetti, etc., and dance with your family in matching pajamas. You can even prepare a special meal with your little helpers and make New Year’s Eve a memorable day that your munchkins will forever cherish.

5. Throw a family slumber party

You can also have sleepovers in your lounge room by setting up camp in your house. Lay out mattresses, pillows, and blankets and watch movies until late while munching on yummy snacks. You can even play fun family games or board games until the countdown begins.

6. Have a sports match

Gather your family and friends in your nearby park for a fun afternoon match. This is a great way to get people together and encourage team spirit. Include kids in your team and let them participate as well. You can also include other kid-friendly games like tug-of-war, football, etc.

7. Throw gratitude dinner

Keep the party scene low-key and just enjoy each other’s company (if that is your thing). Have a delicious meal together, and chat about what you are grateful for from the past year to ring in the new year. What has made each of you happy? What do you love about each other? How can you make the year-end even better? These are a few things you can discuss with your kiddos.

8. Make New Year resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is a quintessential part of ringing in the upcoming year (irrespective of whether you will follow them). It becomes a core part of the little ones’ memories of celebrating the new year during their childhood. So, gather your kids, talk to them about their experiences, and ask them to write their New Year resolutions on paper. You can even make one big family resolution together. Stick them on the vision board or a cupboard for daily inspiration to follow them.

9. Have a karaoke night

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Who doesn’t love to belt out a few tunes? Kids love any chance they get to sing into a microphone and play pretend that they are a rockstar/pop star. So, set up your living room as a karaoke lounge and get the party started with your family’s favorite songs to kick off the New Year’s Eve celebration.

10. Vision board craft night

Collect old magazines and start cutting out things and activities you want to do in the upcoming year. You can also include places you want to visit together as a family. If magazines don’t have what you need, get printouts from online sites. Stick the cut-outs on your vision board to get motivated to achieve these goals in 2024.

What are you waiting for? Get planning and use these tips for a fun New Year’s Eve celebration for you and your kids. In the comment section below, let us know what you incorporated into your NYE bash!

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