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Tips for Hosting a Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

Are you planning to invite your friends over for a New Year’s Eve party but don’t know what to do about the kids and how to keep them entertained? We have some tips on how to host the best New Year’s Eve party for kids and adults. We assure you your party will be the talk of the town till the next New Year’s Eve rolls around.

1. Set up a kids’ corner

Before you finalize anything else, decide on the kids’ corner and its theme. Make sure you have a lot of interactive games for the kids, like coloring books, stamps, etc. If you plan to hold an outdoor party, a small play area with a ball pit, trampoline (with safety nets around it), bounce house, etc., will keep the kids occupied. You can even set up an arts and crafts corner for kids to showcase their creativity and take their creations home. Also, have a little sleeping area (or ask parents to bring sleeping bags) for kids so they can nap when it’s their bedtime.

2. Go with a kid-friendly menu

Hungry kids are cranky kids, and you certainly don’t want this to happen at your New Year’s Eve party. Not only are they a handful for you and your guests, but you also want the kids to have fun. So, plan a kid-friendly menu to keep their hunger pangs away. Who better to help you decide the menu than your little one? Get them involved, take their help, and decide on the food and drinks.

Tip: After sending the invites, ask the guests to RSVP with a note of their kid’s allergies or any food constraints, if any, to help you decide the menu better. Apart from this, for the beverage counter, you can have kid-friendly drinks like ginger ale, sparkling cider, fruit juices, hot chocolate, or punch served in a fancy plastic flute.

For appetizers or snacks, serve finger foods like fries, chips, and apples covered in chocolate or caramel with sprinkles, etc. Keep the dinner items simple and clean. Not every child enjoys complex flavors. Popular kids’ dishes like pizza, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, burgers, pasta, and sandwiches will keep them full and happy.

3. Ring in New Year early for the kids

Younger kids tend to be most fussy in the evening. They are often tired from the day’s events and will be expecting their typical bedtime routine to kick in just as your party kicks into gear. Thus, it is best to hold a mock countdown a few hours earlier for the kids. This way, they can go to bed at their usual time, and parents can stay up till midnight to celebrate.

4. End with a ball drop

Even if you tell older kids they can stay up until the ball drops, they likely won’t make it till midnight. When you sense the kids are going to crash, gather them together and have your own ball drop for the kiddos. Have them count down as you lower a ball from high above your head to the ground for everyone to enjoy. And if you are not into balloons, pick up a piñata from a local party store and give each kid a chance to break it open after your mock countdown to midnight.

5. Call a party entertainer

If you have no budget constraints, hiring a party entertainer for kids is not a bad idea to keep them engaged. With the magic, puppet shows, and games, the little ones will be occupied in their own little world, making it easier for parents to enjoy your New Year’s Eve party.

Hosting a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party is not easy. However, with these easy tips, you can throw an incredible party for all. Take note and start planning for the party now!

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