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14 Common Plants to Avoid If You Have Kids

Gardening with my kids is one of my favorite things to do. They love to get dirty, and with the most basic of gardening skills they can easily make all sorts of flowers, fruits, and vegetables grow. Before I had kids I had a big garden full of plants (some of which were beautiful, but I never really bothered identifying). But once they came along started to get mobile in our backyard, I knew it was time to figure out just exactly what was out there, and what I needed to rip out (if anything) for my kids’ safety.

There are a few common plants to avoid in your yard if you have kids. The repercussions range;  some are dangerous to eat, while others can cause painful scratches or rashes when touched. These aren’t necessarily terrible plants that should never be grown anywhere, ever. However, so long as there are young kids around, it is best to steer clear of growing these plants in your garden.

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