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Drew Barrymore Becomes Chief Mom Officer for Plant-Based Brands ChiQin and Quorn

Drew Barrymore runs a flexitarian kitchen in her home — a predominantly plant-based diet that remains flexible to meat inclusions. But, as a parent, it isn’t easy. Same as it is for parents running a more traditional diet, her kids are picky about what they eat. And … very inconsistent.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Barrymore explains the ups and downs of this and spoke about her professional partnerships with ChiQin and Quorn.

Drew Barrymore Is Fighting the Good Fight

Barrymore, like many parents, is trying to make the best decisions with her children’s nutrition. More and more, parents are exploring diets that better moderate the intake of meat and emphasize healthy veggies and vegetarian options.


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However, kids are kids and don’t always play ball. For Olive, 9, and Frankie, 7, what they love one day, they hate the next, says Barrymore.

“I try to get them to eat some fish, always driving the fruits and vegetables home. I think they would eat ice cream, 24/7, if they could,” Barrymore says, and all parents can relate.

For Barrymore, it’s all about keeping her “kids’ mood and chemistry up” by providing them with better options for food. She says that being able to do so “is a luxury and a privilege” that she doesn’t take lightly.

Chief Mom Officer for ChiQin and Quorn

Barrymore recently became the “Chief Mom Officer” for ChiQin and Quorn. Brands that produce plant-based meat options. Her kids love chicken McNuggets, she says. Finding them an alternative that they love has proved to be a challenge. Which is part of why she partnered with these brands.

“This is something that means a lot to me. It speaks very much to who I am,” Barrymore says, who grew up vegetarian. “This is a very deep partnership. It is not just CMO. I’m coming into the brand to build with this company and collab with meaningful partners.”


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What do you think of plant-based meat options for kids? Is this something that you stay mindful of in your own household? Let us know in the comments below.


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