13 “Baby Shark” Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kiddo

I’ll admit: the “Baby Shark” obsession is new-ish to me. But when a pop culture phenomenon of the kiddo variety comes on the scene, I won’t hate. The original Baby Shark video, created by Pinkfong, a Korean YouTube channel aimed at entertaining and educating little kids, is now at over 2 BILLION YouTube views. Go watch it if you haven’t; it’s actually really freaking cute.

As with any toddler trend, this one has gone from fun viewing to popular birthday party theme. And whether you love or hate that absurdly addictive jingle, you have to admit these “Baby Shark” birthday party ideas are super cute. So, doo doo doo what the cool parents are doing and get on board with the “Baby Shark” birthday, taking a little inspiration from these adorable parties and retailers.

“Baby Shark” birthday party ideas:

More Birthday Party Ideas:


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