We are right in the thick of what I like to call the “Pinterest Party” phase. Any party you throw must have over-the-top decor, outrageously delicious snacks, custom invitations, and a pony to take home as a favor when all is said and done. Right? Okay, so I may have exaggerated a bit but there is still the expectation that whatever party you throw for your child, there will be some over-the-top favors handed out at the end. But here’s the thing: not all DIY birthday party favors for kids have to be complicated or worthy of a nod from Martha Stewart. My advice is to stick to your budget and try to channel your crafty side even if you don’t have much of one.

Planning a get together for your mini and his (or her) friends? Create your own easy DIY birthday party favors for kids with these ideas. They all take a matter of minutes, and your child will be proud to hand these favors out!

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12 Awesome DIY Birthday Party Favors For Kids