15 Fun Balloon Games for Kids’ Birthday Parties

I can’t think of the last kids’ party I went to that didn’t include balloons. They’re affordable and great for decor. But you can take it one step further at parties and incorporate them into balloon games. There are a ton of options for fun kids’ games you can easily set up, many of which just require supplies that you probably already have around the house.

 Whether outside and filled with water or inside and filled with air, balloons have brought hours of fun to little party guests at my house, no matter their ages. Just coordinate the balloon colors to your party to create an instant festive scene!

Here are my kids’ favorite balloon party games to play:

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Balloon Ball Pit

balloon ball pit

 A balloon ball pit can be loads of fun for the smallest of party guests. Fill an inflatable tub with balls and balloons for an easy favorite party corner. Image and tutorial: This Wonderful Life


Trampoline Water Balloon Fight

water balloon trampoline

Getting everyone jumping on the trampoline is always more fun with balloons in the mix. Filling the trampoline with water balloons during summer, or filling them with air for chilly days, is a favorite around here. Image and tutorial: A Subtle Revelry

Water Balloon Pinatas

rainbow water balloons

 Hitting a piñata is a little trickier when the balloons are filled with water. It’s a great way to get older kids into the party spirit.  Image and tutorial: Ziggity Zoom

Balloon Art

abstract art with balloons

 Balloon art can be super pretty, and it makes a great game as well as a party favor to take home. Fill the balloons with paint and let the kids go to town making their own work of art. Image and tutorial: Hello Wonderful


Balloon Darts

balloon popping game

 Or fill the balloons with candy and treats for a simple balloon dart game that will give all the kids something to talk about long after the party is through. Image and tutorial: Catch My Party

Pantyhose & Balloon Antlers

balloon reindeer antlers

 Reindeer antlers at the holidays, or deer antlers any other time of year, is my favorite balloon game. Filling pantyhose with balloons to see who can fill theirs the fastest is a great way to get guests of any age mingling and smiling. Image and tutorial: Party Games Plus


Giant Ker-Plunk

basket filled with balloons

An outdoor Ker-Plunk game can be transformed with balloons of any size to elicit hours of yard-play fun. Image and tutorial: ALL Parenting

Balloon Noodle Field Hockey

balloons pool noodles kids

Balloon noodle field hockey is an easy game to set up. Noodles and a few air-blown balloons will have the kids running out all their energy in no time. Image and tutorial: Disney Family


 Laundry Basket Balloon Toss

laundry basket kids

 Put those basketball skills to good use with this fun laundry basket balloon toss. Have each team throw their balloons, and the kids with the most win. Image: Debee Tlumacki


 Water Balloon Spoon Races

water balloon spoon races

 A balloon spoon race with pretty floral spoons is a fun game for any spring gathering. Image and tutorial: Two Shades of Pink


 Balloon Cup Shooters

plastic cups balloons

 Balloon cup shooters are a great way to welcome guests to the party fun. Make one for each kid, and set up targets around the yard so they can practice their balloon shooting skills. Image and tutorial: Happy Go Lucky


Balloon Stomp

balloon stomping kids

A good old fashioned balloon stomp is something I remember from my childhood. Get everyone involved by tying balloons to ankles for an instant party boost. Image and tutorial: Love and Laundry


 Mystery Sensory Game

mystery balloon sensory game

 Create a unique balloon sensory game to bring a fun and scientific bent to your kid’s next birthday party. Image and tutorial: EDventures with Kids


Balloon Tennis

balloon paper plates popsicle sticks

Balloon tennis can be played with any number of kids, making it a great party game for larger gatherings. Image and tutorial: Ever Never Again


 Mini Balloon Pinatas Filled with Candy

balloons and candy

 Miniature candy-filled balloon pinatas are a fun way to present sweets to the kids, and they make for a party scene that looks as festive as just about anything. Image and tutorial: The Gunny Sack

More Party Game Ideas:

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