These Gorgeous Naked Cakes Are Perfect For A Baby Shower

Three words: I love cake. Vanilla, chocolate, frosting, or no frosting, I’ll take it all. However, naked cakes have been taking over lately. Naked cakes are unfrosted cakes and usually have lots of floral toppers. They are super simple, but so cute and chic! They make the perfect dessert for a birthday celebration or baby shower, and an easy baking project.

I’ve rounded up my favorite naked cakes to get your creative juices flowing:

Rustic Figs Naked Cake


Image via Inspired by This

I love this rustic dessert display setup. This is the perfect picture to distinguish a naked cake vs. a frosted cake. The fig decor toppers definitely make the cakes more elegant.

Pink Baby Shower Naked Cake


Image via Inspired by This

This dessert table is from an ombre pink baby shower. I love how the cake is not only five layers, but two tiered as well!

Chocolate and Vanilla Naked Cake


Image via Inspired by This

Even the little girl wants to get her hands on the cake! This cake mixed both chocolate and vanilla flavors for a super cool color-blocking effect.

Ombre Naked Cake


Image via Inspired by This

A unicorn birthday party calls for a colorful ombre naked cake! Love all of the colors and the clear unicorn cake topper.

Vanilla Icing Naked Cake


Image via Inspired by This

These two naked cakes are decorated with beautiful flowers and vanilla icing to glue the layers together.

Messy Naked Cake


Image via Inspired by This

Even with a “messier” look, these naked cakes are so pretty. All of your layers don’t have to be even! The yellow accent flowers definitely add the perfect pop of color.

More Cake Ideas:

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