101 Kids Party Favors That Won’t Make Parents Cringe

I have been that parent who throws the party and at the end hands out party favors that make the other parents cringe. Sigh. Alas, live and learn. You really don’t have to  hand out awful, pointless, and annoying party favors. There is another way and, friends, it’s the better way.

Believe it or not, there are party favors for kids out there that don’t involve sugar or whistling noises. Amazing, right?

Instead of going for what’s easy, think about it for a few minutes and figure out what your guests (including the parents) will love. Or better yet, take a gander at these ideas. Some of these kids party favor ideas are fun for dress-up or play time, while others are basically fun school supplies.

I promise there isn’t a single noisy, annoying, or non-useful idea here. Take a look at this mega-list of kids party favors, and let the party planning begin!

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101 Parent-Approved Kids’ Party Favors

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