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Memorial Day Grilling Tips & Shopping Checklist

It is T-minus two weeks until Memorial Day, and that means it is time to get your grill gear ready. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get ready for one of the biggest grilling events of the season, but it does take a little planning. The whole purpose of being ready is to reduce stress and allow yourself to totally enjoy the holiday, the delicious food, and the fabulous company. Read on for some Memorial Day grilling tips!

Basic Grilling Tools: A long handled fork, spatula, and tongs are essential for safe grilling. These enable you to flip burgers, spear vegetables, and handle large pieces of meat from a safe distance. It also means no broken hamburgers or severed vegetables! BUY NOW – 3 Piece Red Handled Grill Tool Set from Crate and Barrel

Aluminum Foil

Foil: Aluminum foil can be a griller’s best friend. Place it on top of the grill and put vegetables or fish on top if they are too delicate to place directly on the grate. You can even wrap up food and make grill packets for a delicious meal in one. BUY NOW – Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil from Reynolds

Apron on Momtastic

Apron: Food can splatter when it is grilling, and you don’t want to let it ruin your perfect outfit! Do yourself a favor and wear a durable apron that will look good and absorb the mess. BUY NOW – Bark Kitchen Apron from Foood52

Scrub Brush

Scrub Brush: Make sure your grate is clean before you start cooking. A good scrub brush is essential for keeping it free of the charred remains of meals past. BUY NOW – Grill Cleaning Tools from Williams Sonoma

White platter

Platters: When food is cooked you need to immediately remove it from the grill and place it on a platter. Have a few generous sized platters on hand for receiving all the food you are cooking. The best kind of platters are the ones that are easy to carry and can go directly from grill to table. BUY NOW – Italian Whiteware Serving Platters from Sur la Table

More Grilling Ideas:

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