9 Things Dads Want for Father’s Day (& No, It’s Not Grilling Tools…)

I know for a fact my dad got tired of getting a new tie every year. I must have given him one for fifteen years straight.  Was it Father’s Day or was it Groundhog’s Day? The gifts were obviously given with good intentions (he really did need new ties), but in hindsight, they were the kind of thing that he’d buy for himself if he really needed them.

In the days before I was a dad, I had a bigger slush fund to buy myself things I really wanted, but didn’t necessarily need. Now that I’m a dad, there’s pressure to save those bucks for a college fund, so more than ever, I appreciate a great gift that’s not a total necessity.

I bet the dad in your life—whether he’s the father of your kids or he’s your own dad—feels the same. This Father’s Day, steer clear of grilling tools or the ubiquitous poker set in favor of one of these guilty pleasure gifts that he’s going to love.

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