Preparing for a Tea Party

With Joseph’s birthday party, I learned to never give a dozen unruly children cupcakes and pool noodle light sabers.

This is a lesson I learned well. Especially after they all attacked my poor ex who had courageously dressed as Darth Vader.

With Elizabeth, we’re planning something more quiet, more civilized.

What would be awesome here is if I wrote we’re doing a rodeo or a circus with a trapeze act.

Instead we’re doing a tea party.

Without light sabers.

Or water guns, though I did try to talk her into a pool party since the temperatures in these parts like to hover in the triple digits as July and August wear on.

So I’m spending my evenings googling tea party hat ideas – which, by the way, can come in a variety of politically geared versions – and gluing feathers to my fingers. I mean to the hats. I’m gluing them to the hats. With my lack of millinery skills, I’m glad there will only be a handful of kids, and only three little girls.

That’s the other bonus to having a preschooler who has not entered into the whole “you must invite the whole class” stage. I can keep the party to a small number without worrying I’ll offend someone or leave them out. After the exhaustion of Joseph’s party, I’ll be happy to host a half dozen kids while they drink ice tea and lemonade.

Of course, I think I’ll have to make a hat for myself. Or a fascinator. When else will I have the chance to don a feather and netting concoction?

What sort of things have you done in preparation for your children’s birthday parties?