15 Cute Etsy Shops For Kids’ Birthday Party Supplies

When it comes to birthday parties, I am all about the decorations. Food is great, but nothing says “party” more than banners, streamers, confetti, and balloons. And while I’d love to be the mom that sits around for weeks on end, hand-cutting and gluing the best party decor ever, the truth is I just don’t have that kind of time (or patience).

But store-bought party decorations usually fall short of my expectations for over-the-top, beautifully executed kids’ birthday parties. I like our parties to feel special and I want the details to photograph well. This can be achieved at birthday party supply stores, but so much more thought and effort goes into the party decor items you’ll find on Etsy.

Shopping for birthday party decor on Etsy can be a bit overwhelming at first, with so many choices from sellers all around the world. I definitely recommend searching by theme or item type first and building a growing list by hitting the “favorite” option as you poke around. But to help narrow down your search even closer, here’s the best from some of my favorite birthday party decor shops on Etsy:

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