Create a Music Party!

Children of all ages love music. Why not make it your next party theme?

Toy instruments, creative invites and cakes, DIY favors and musical games. There’s something easy to try for everyone and for every age group. It’s sure to be huge success!

1. Record with sleeve invitations by etsy seller Ello There

2. Hire a local children’s music teacher to sing songs (IImage from Say Yes to Hoboken)

3 . Instructions to create your own drum cake here (Image from Russian bakery, Zhanna)

4. Personalized tamborines as favors from Once Wed

5. Classic tin kazoo party favors from Retro Toys

6. Wooden painted maraca favors by from Oriental Trading

7. DIY instructions for creating a tin toy drum from an old can at Bloesem Kids These would be cute as favors or a craft project at the party for older children.


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