5 Genius Ways We Keep Our House Smelling Clean All the Time

It’s STILL WINTER (ohmagerd) and I haven’t opened the windows in our house in over 3 months straight.

Even with the heater and fan running, that’s a lot of stale air. A LOT.


I love cooking, we love building cozy fires, and we have a rambunctious dog that loves playing hard (and because it’s so cold out, we try to bathe her less frequently in the winter). This all adds up to hardcore smelliness inside the house.

I’m not a huge fan of plug in air fresheners, and I’m not comfortable with burning candles too often because of the fire hazard, but I’ve still managed to keep the house smelling summer breeze fresh.

Here are 5 genius tactics I employ to make my house smell clean: 

Tip #1: Use Glad Kitchen OdorShield® Gain™ Trash Bags

Not just in the kitchen, but in every room in the house. The bags neutralize odor and leave behind Gain’s fresh scent. I’m obsessed with how they smell like fresh laundry in every room you use them in.

Tip #2: Make All-Natural Slow Cooker Potpourri

If I have any citrus laying around that’s about to go bad, I’ll chop it up and throw it in a pot of water with some mulling spices and rosemary or pine from the yard. Then I’ll put it all in the slow cooker on high with the lid open all day. It makes the house smell amazing and really fresh. If you need a recipe, my favorite is this all-natural potpourri recipe here.

Tip #3: Add Essential Oils on Air Filters

I like to take advantage of the fact that the heat’s running all the time and add 10-20 drops of essential oils to the air filter for our heater. The scent permeates throughout the whole house and lasts for about a week. I try to only do this when we clean/change the filter (not on a dirty filter).

Tip #4: Place Lavender Sachets in All Clothing Drawers

I’ve been smitten with lavender since we stayed at Ventana Inn in Big Sur when my husband and I got engaged. Since then, I’ve incorporated lavender sachets everywhere in the house. You can buy lavender in bulk at natural stores and just pop a few tablespoons into small reusable tea bags or muslin bags and keep them in every drawer in the house. They give a small burst of scent every time you open a drawer, and your clothes will always smell good, too.

Tip #5: Put a Couple Drops of Vanilla Extract on a Light Bulb

When we turn on the lights it smells like cookies are baking in the oven. Ah-mazing.

This post is sponsored by Glad. Glad Kitchen OdorShield® Bags are available in a 13-gallon size and are on shelves beginning in March 2015 at Walmart, Target, Dollar General and Family Dollar retailers nationwide.

cover image: Getty / ©Alessia Izzo