9 Baby Oil Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Baby oil is one of those household essentials I tend to take for granted. I always have a bottle around, and especially when it’s cold outside, it makes for a great lotion substitute that’s warming to the skin (slathering ice-cold lotion on in the winter is one of my least favorite things to do, so our family’s usage of baby oil goes up dramatically once the weather gets chilly. Because it contains mineral oil, it locks in moisture and leaves skin exceptionally soft. Once typically reserved for babies, it seems like it’s got a place in many adults’ post-shower routines.

But there’s much more to baby oil than meets the eye. In fact, this moisturizing treatment doubles as a household savior that has come in handy in my household at the most unexpected times.

baby oil removing a price sticker

[ One of baby oil’s many uses – easily remove price stickers and their residue]

I’ve used baby oil for everything from warding off mosquitoes to removing stubborn stickers. Check out the slideshow for baby oil’s genius uses. How many of these baby oil hacks do you already use in your home?

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