Material: A New Range Of Kitchenware Mamas Love

If you’ve heard about Material it’s probably because the brand has gone viral on Instagram thanks to influencers (and moms) like Eva Chen and Megan Roup. Kitchenware isn’t usually all that exciting for moms like myself who don’t enjoy cooking, unless it’s something that will make my life easier like, for example, the Beaba. Material plays into that with their sleek, well-made and most importantly durable pieces. Plus, it’s a one-stop shop for everything from food prep tools and cookware to tabletop ceramics – in case, like me, you have a moment of panic because of all the toxins in your kitchen and toss out all your IKEA stuff… Note, I don’t want to scare anyone away from IKEA, but I have noticed off putting smells and color changes in my kitchenware which prompted me to shop more consciously.

Forever Peeler ($28) is Material’s most recent launch, but the star products include The reBoard ($35)- sold out just three days after launching and has since sold out more than 10 times. The Knives + Stand ($225), which was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things last year and The Coated Pan ($95) which has sold out five times.

The Good Prep Set is what I was able to test out and loooove it. I’ve been using the knives on over-drive and they don’t show even an hint of going dull. Plus they’re comfortable to slice with and designed in a way to fit in with pretty much any other kitchenware (knives and bases are offered in multiple finishes) – the brand’s co-founders worked at Revlon, Chanel and Valentino before starting Material. It’s also worth highlighting that Material is focused on sustainability in addition to functional and stylish design. For example, their cutting board is made using recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane.

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