Beaba Babycook Is A Game Changer For Baby Food Making (For BLW Or Purees)

I wasn’t sure how useful the Beaba was going to be because I took a baby-led weaning/baby-led feeding approach to feeding with my son (though I worked in a number of soft textures, including purees and things like yogurt and apple sauce because I believe in exposure to all textures to help prevent picky eating). If I was going to feed my baby the same foods I was going to be eating, I didn’t see myself getting all that much use out of the Beaba, but boy was I wrong. I use it all the time, and not just for baby.


I’ve been using the Neo model pictured above, which is a bit bigger than the original, but if i knew how often I would use the Beaba I would have opted for the Duo instead. So what am I using it for? For starters it makes perfectly steamed veggies – literally anything from broccoli to beets it will steam to perfection. All you do is cut up the veggies, pour some water (various levels depending what you are looking to do) and press the “on” button. I’ve also steamed non-veggie things like fish (I put some spices, garlic and lemon before steaming) and lentils. I make omelette strips with the lentils (a great way to add iron to baby’s diet). It’s so much more efficient and delicious (because of the perfect timing) than using a steam basket – and easy to clean as well. Serving baby “real” food can be stressful, so it’s nice not to have to worry about if the food is steamed enough.

I’m mid IVF once again and they say eating beets helps with implantation, but beets are messy! Beaba is the only reason I’m able to steam them every day without a huge mess. The beets also don’t stain the Beaba steam basket – everything is easy to wash.

When baby is constipated I’ll use the Beaba to make prune puree or another high fiber puree. How? You can use Beaba to steam and blend. As mentioned steaming is simple using just water and the steam basket. For puree, you just throw whatever you want in the main compartment and blend to your liking! Equally easy (if you’re steaming and pureeing veggies you can use the water left over from the steaming to make a smooth puree – amazing way to get a smooth consistency).

Beaba also has an insert to make rice, pasta, and other grains, but it has been sold out on their website and Amazon, so haven’t been able to try it out yet, but I’m hoping to get that soon since baby still has not had rice or quinoa.

In short: No matter how you are feeding your baby, I can’t recommend the Beaba enough!