The 12 Best Ikea Buys For Kids

By now you already know that IKEA is THE one-stop shopping destination for affordable, functional furniture, home decor, and kitchen accessories. And you can easily find yourself spending hours upon hours scrolling through a never-ending list of products online or weaving through the store’s maze of displays. The Scandi-cool store is popular for a reason—and it’s not just because of the famous meatballs! But did you know that IKEA is no slouch in the kids’ department, either? With multipurpose organization items, furniture, toys, decor, and more, it is the place to shop for all things kids.

Whether you need décor for the baby years, preschool years, big kid years or teen and tween years, we’ve gathered the best IKEA buys for kids right here. And it goes without saying—none of them will break the bank.

Read on for a look at some of the best children’s buys you can get at Ikea now. And remember, it’s very important to bolt children’s furniture to walls.

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