15 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas That Bring Personality to Any Space

Bathroom decor might not have been one of the concepts my younger self envisioned at the top of my future priorities list, but here we are. And there are few design elements that can transform a space quite like colorful bathroom wallpaper. The simple addition of wallpaper in a chic pattern or unexpected motif can liven up a room in an instant.

Anyone can tile a bathroom (or pay someone else to, anyway), but modern bathroom decor is all about wallpaper these days. Far from Granny’s powder room of yore, the new bathroom wallpaper trends are a fresh and fun way to express your individuality and style. And what I love about wallpaper in bathrooms is that you can really go all-out like you might not do in a larger room of the house.

So play with color and shapes, play up your funky or refined style, and get creative decorating your master bath or powder room with these gorgeous bathroom wallpaper ideas:

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