A Bathroom for All Ages


Many of us don’t have a bathroom that can solely be used by the kids, which can make a set-up welcoming to both kids and adults very necessary.

If you have enough bathrooms in your home for the kids to have their own, then consider yourself lucky. Some of us share a single bathroom in a home, while most of us have one master bath with a second bath for kids and guests. To make sure guests are comfortable when visiting, while still keeping a bathroom suitable for children, design your bathroom for style and function.

Bathroom Accessories

Your daughter may really like Frozen, but that does not mean Anna has to take over your bathroom. Instead try a “winter wonderland” by using blues and whites in your decor, with a fun textured shower curtain featuring snowflakes, like this one from Cafe Press. Keep towels appropriate for guests and a Disney towel for the little one.



If you like to have toiletries for visitors who are staying the night, don’t expect them to use the tear free 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Place an adult basket of toiletries with some wash clothes on a shelf. You’ll be ready for guests at a moment’s notice.

Keep Bath Toys Under Control

Bath time is often synonymous with toy time. To keep a handle on toys when they are not in use place them in a toy bucket with water drainage. There are so many attractive options available. Some have a wall-mounted base and are in the shapes of fun insects and animals, like Boon’s Bug Pod. Others are baskets that can be kept inside or out of the tub. For a modern, simple look, try the Kuster Bath Toy Store.A Bathroom for All Ages

Potty Training Out of the Way

Potty training always adds some extra furniture to the bathroom. Training toilets, special toilet seats, and stools can definitely cramp your style, not to mention take up much needed space in a small bathroom. It’s not necessary to use a training toilet, so if you are willing to try without one you can skip right ahead to a toilet training seat like the BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer. It can be hung up on the wall right next to the toilet when it’s not in use, making the toilet easily accessible to everyone. Small stools can be stored under the bathroom sink or next to the toilet. A guest will hardly notice the kids, and the kids will have everything they need.

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