Target Gears Up For Black History Month With Inspiring Tees & More

It’s always inspiring when one of your favorite brands goes above and beyond to celebrate diversity, and that’s exactly what Target has done for the past six years with Black History Month. They have full lines of products in stores and online, “designed, developed and curated by Target team members” to honor Black History Month.

Last year, I found myself frantically searching the racks at my local Target for an adult sized version of a shirt honoring inspiring women. While I held the mini version in my hand, another woman approached me and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Do they have that in adult sizes?!?” When I replied that I was looking for just that, she jumped into the nearby racks to scour for this treasure as well. We eventually found it, and laughed as we walked to the checkout about how we could be just as cool as little kids. I’m excited that Target continues to expand their offerings every year, with additional products and more diverse year-round product lines!

Here are just a few of the inspiring Black History Month products you can find online and at your local Target:

More Inspiring Figures:


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