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5 Best Side Hustle Ideas for Busy Moms

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If you’re a mom with young kids, there is no doubt you’re busy AF. And for some moms, even the moms who stay-at-home, often want to earn a little extra side cash for entertainment expenses, clothes, or just fun spending money you don’t want your spouse to know about. Hello, Amazon. Because let’s be honest, life is crazy expensive. And many of us women have talents that can be put to good use even while we are in the midst of child-rearing.

If you waved goodbye to the corporate world and have a yearning to do something more than just listening to endless cycles of Peppa Pig, then maybe you should take a look at some of the ways other busy women have learned to make a little extra cash.

Many side hustles do not require any special training or certificates, but if you have any – that’s great! And if you are in the throes of motherhood – changing dirty diapers – wondering why you even bothered going to college, don’t short change yourself. You can still put that degree to good use.

Here are 5 side hustle ideas you may want to explore. Especially as your kids grow, you will benefit from finding an outlet that could even turn into a full-fledged career.


Yes, we all know how to point and click but some people have a knack for snapping beautiful pictures. Photography is an art and us moms take an insane number of pictures of our kids. And the more you do it – as with anything – the better you are likely to get. You can even use your kids as practice. There are so many photographers out there. Find your niche and go for it. If you want to focus on babies and families, bonus! You already have experience and being a mom makes you much more understanding when dealing with other people’s kids.

What’s nice about photography is that natural light makes for the best light. You honestly do not need anything fancy, but you may want to invest in a quality camera. And if you have an extra room or even a basement in your home, you could set up shop easily. Backdrops can be bought online and props can be purchased at nearly any store. I know several people who have turned photography into a career and what’s nice is you set your own schedule.


If you are someone who enjoys writing then seeking some freelance work might be right up your alley. Many online media companies seek freelance writers. To start, you will need to have some type of experience, whether it be a degree in English or Communications or maybe start a blog. Having a blog helps you get your voice heard and once you get comfortable at it, you can start to pitch ideas to editors of any sites you follow. You can use your blog as your portfolio.

And if you don’t want to write but enjoy editing others’ work, then seek remote opportunities that allow you to copy edit or proofread. There are many sites online geared for freelancers. All you have to do is to search popular job websites like Indeed or Glassdoor.


Joanna Gaines is a mom to five, yes five and she runs an empire. And c’mon, she has amazing style. We can’t but help but feel inspired by her effortless interior design. She makes it look so easy and even has a chalk paint line sold at Target. I know this because I used it to flip my daughter’s bedroom furniture – which came out amazing if I am allowed to toot my own horn. And if I didn’t already have a regular job, I’d consider finding old furniture at places like the Salvation Army or garage sales, flipping it, then selling for a profit.

Most dated furniture is constructed better and usually, all it needs is a makeover.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, it really is easy. All that is needed is a good eye and some paint. You can easily sell pieces on Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or even Craigslist.


Most of us have money we are sitting on in our homes, not literally but figuratively. Just take a look at your closet and you are sure to find old pants, maybe that you know you’ll never fit into or perhaps you’ve lost weight and want to get rid of anything that isn’t your current size.

Well, it’s pretty easy to make a little cash online these days. Apps like Poshmark allow women (and men) to sell gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s like your own personal store. My coworker sells on Poshmark and she usually makes $200 per month and that’s just putting in the bare minimum.

Some women make thousands per month buying and selling items on this popular app/site. Similar to flipping furniture (except you don’t have to do anything but set the price and list it), remember that many people donate quality clothes to the Salvation Army, you could easily make a nice chunk of change by shopping and then reselling.


Real estate is the only one on this list that actually does require you to be licensed. The requirements vary by state, but most expect that you take a 40-hour class then pass the state exam. Once you’ve done that, find a broker to sign with. If you have a large network of family & friends then you are likely to have success with real estate.

While the market is flooded with realtors, most people prefer to have a real estate agent they know to help them buy or sell a home. And while you do have to work with your clients’ schedules, there is no set schedule, which is nice for moms.

Well, there you have it. 5 side hustles that you can give you some extra spending money or if nothing else, give you a creative outlet. Just don’t spend all your earnings on the kids, mmkay!

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