Stay At Home Mom Memes That Are True AF

Hilariously honest stay at home mom memes have given us a much-needed reality check. Before they existed you’d watch television and a commercial would come on with smiley moms and happy kids holding smudge-free crafts. In the background, soft breezes rustled lush green leaves on branches holding up splinter-free family-sized wooden swings, wooing you into believing that the SAHM life was all giggles and gentle moments. Just as you began wondering how you could become that kind of family, a kindly but serious voice would start whispering all of the potential side effects, reminding you that everything you do in life comes with a risk—whether you’re trying a new medication or leaving your job to become a SAHM.

As for the latter, often you change your entire world to be there for your kids, not realizing exactly what can happen to you along the way. The biggest side effect I’ve experienced? Feeling like I’ve gone crazy and no one could possibly understand.


Luckily we have the internet and its plethora of stay at home mom memes to show us that we are not alone. What a salve that is! Here are a handful that will have you nodding along, making you feel a little better about that fine print you never got around to reading before starting this stay at home mom gig.