Essential Travel Planning Apps You Should Download Before Your Next Family Vacation

I have no idea how my mother managed to plan any family vacation without the help of a smartphone. There were five people in our family, so the amount of thought and preparation was definitely not easy. See, my phone isn’t just for entertaining my kids through flight delays or the Are we there yet?! moments when we go on a family vacation. I use apps for every part of the trip-planning process, from scoring killer deals on flights to finding the best restaurant in a two-block radius when someone’s getting near a hunger-induced breakdown.

While it seems like every family vacation requires at least one new app to manage (like the awesome iTranslate we snagged for our trips to Japan and China last summer), there are a few essential apps I use pretty much every time we get ready to hit the road.


If you’re gearing up for your next grand adventure with your kiddos, consider downloading these apps to make your planning a whole lot simpler.