Top 6 Lunch Boxes for Back to School

With the new school year fast approaching, it’s time to get your kids geared up with cool lunch boxes that are not only stylish, but functional. For my kids, searching for new lunch pails is the most exciting part of their back-to-school prep.  It’s a way for them to express their individual style and find a functional bag for all of their feasting needs. We take great care exploring each lunch boxes’ features. Our requirements: Plenty of insulated compartments for cold Mott’s juice drinks (we love Fruit Punch Rush and Wild Grape Surge); mesh pouches for smaller snacks; and dry areas for utensils and napkins. 

Check out six favorites you and your kid are sure to love.


TV Time

This cool lunch box looks like an old television set, complete with the after midnight programming screen (remember that?).  Classic metal with a plastic handle keeps the vintage feel. Buying info

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Foodie Frog

This innovative insulated neoprene lunch pail looks too cute to be a functional lunch bag, but it comes with plenty of room for all the necessities. Bonus: It’s completely machine washable. Buying info

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Too Cool for School

When your kids are getting older, and cartoon pails just don’t cut it anymore, try a sporty lunch bag design like this one. It boasts cool colors and a convenient carrying handle. Buying info

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Show your Stripes

With an abundance of zippered compartments and pouches, this stylish lunch box is sure to keep everything in order, including utensils.  Make it extra special by personalizing it! Buying info

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Penguin Pal

Penguins are the new hedgehogs, so you can rest assured that this lunch box will be a hit. A fully insulated inside keeps all the essentials cool. The carrying strap can be adjusted to fit your child’s needs. Buying info

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Super Sandwich

Another classic lunch pail takes center stage with this design.  Featuring a super-sized hoagie, this box carries your sandwich and snacks in style. Buying info

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*This post is sponsored by Mott’s.

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