Frugal Tips to Design (Or Re-Design) Your Home

Does your house need a facelift? Maybe you have never really gotten around to decorating, or maybe you just figured it was too expensive. Here are some tips to get your house looking magazine pretty in no time (and with minimal damage to your bank account) at all!


Refurbish, Reuse, Recycle

Want to spruce up your home? Look no further then that old dresser you can’t wait to replace. Maybe a new paint job and some new decorative knobs is all it needs to be brought anew! Couches can be reupholstered, tables can be re-purposed in different rooms and picture frames can be rotated. Before you look outside your home, take a good look inside your home and see what can be used elsewhere or refurbished to fit your new and improved style. 

Shop Thrift Stores & Craigslist

Looking for something special to complement your dining room? Need a desk for a school aged child? Before you go pay full retail, look for a good used option at your local thrift store or check out Craigslist first! You aren’t the first person to just need a change, and you’ll find plenty of perfectly good and usable merchandise that someone is selling simply because they were ready for an upgrade. Used doesn’t necessarily mean cracked and faded! 

Coupons Coupons Sales & Coupons

If you must go retail, hunt down a coupon and try to wait for a sale. There is very rarely a reason to pay full retail for anything! In most furniture stores, you can try to negotiate a better price. Having cash in hand is definitely the way to go and gives you more bargaining power. Price compare and shop around before you make your purchase. 

You can have a well designed house for less! Just be sure you do your homework first.