Now That The Weather is Warmer-Move Your Workout Outside

Now that Spring is bringing warm weather and longer days it’s time to move your workout outdoors. I have a few tricks I use to get my family working out-out doors and keep my motivation strong at the same time.

These 3 tips work for me, they might work for you so read on and move your workout outside!

1. Take an early evening walk:

Now that it is staying light until 7 pm or so I organize a family walk once a week in the evening. After the kids have finished most, if not all their homework, my husband is home and dinner is prepped we grab the dog and head out for a thirty minute or so walk in the neighborhood. It’s a great chance to enjoy the evening, hear about each other’s days and get some exercise worked in as well.

Personal Tip: On the nights that we have “family walk about” I try to fix a dinner that I can prep before and then is quick to throw together when we return. A favorite is The Honey Glazed Salmon Bowl with Quinoa

2. Weekend Workout : Sharing Time

Weekends can get hectic, we all know how it is, there’s soccer and t-ball and birthday parties not to mention vacations and trips; it’s no wonder that exercise can fall by the way side. One trick I use to make sure I am able to get some sort of exercise in during the weekends is the idea of stealing time. Now, that may sound illegal but it’s actually just sharing time with other activities. Ok, I’ll explain. My son has t-ball on Saturday afternoons and my husband is the coach. They tend to play at a park where there is also a track you see where I am going with this. I will steal away for 30-45 min and do a quick jog on the track while they are warming up and starting the game. It’s great because I’m outdoors, I am there in case he needs me but I am able to get a work out in. Then I come back for the end of the game and we are off to our next weekend engagement.

Personal Tip: I alternate between my two children (soccer and t-ball) so that they never feel that I am always absent from their games.

3. Stroller Naptime:

Whether you walk, jog or run when your child is still stroller age you have the perfect opportunity to get outside and work out. I used to time my jogs around my son’s naptime. I would pop him in the stroller with a blanket or sun shade, depending on the weather, and off we would go. HE would fall asleep about 10 minutes in and I would get a nice 45 minute workout accomplished.

Personal Tip: I always brought along 4 things in the stroller when we would head out, a bottle or juice box, a water bottle for me, a blanket and the sun shade. That way we could make it home without any big disaster.

How do you plan to switch up your workout now that the weather is warmer?

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