I Think We Are Alone Now-Romantic Island Spots For Parents

Finally you talked someone into watching the kids for a few days and you and your significant other are off for a romantic getaway to a tropical island. Well we can dream can’t we?

Even with the kids in tow a tropical vacation provides ways to work a bit of romance into the sandcastle building and body surfing. You just have to know a few tricks.

Take Advantage of Where You Are Staying

One thing I’ve found is that quite a few hotels will offer babysitting services or babysitter recommendations. This is a great way to sneak away for a romantic dinner. If you are staying at a resort and are reluctant to leave your child with a stranger, totally valid fear, you could grab dinner at the restaurant on the property and go for an evening stroll on the beach. That way you are still within shouting distance so to speak, but are able to have a few hours of adult time.  

Don’t Dismiss Daytime

Daytime can be romantic too. Check into whether or not your hotel offers kids activity classes or a kids club during the day and then get your child involved. Have them take a hula class, or shell collecting while you and your husband grab his and her massages.

Take Advantage of Family

While it may not seem, on the surface, to be the catalyst of romance sometimes bringing a family member along, such as a grandparent can be an added bonus. If you have someone you trust you will be more apt to leave the kids for the night, maybe go stay at a different hotel and really enjoy some time alone together.

There’s Always Bedtime

Once the kids are tucked in bed dreaming of swimming with dolphins and para-sailing you can grab  some quiet adult time. Sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and just relax together.

It may not be a totally child free romantic getaway but a little bit of romance goes a long way. What are some ways you sneak in adult time?